Chapter Events

The Chicago Chapter is committed to the VFP Statement of Purpose and the five goals contained therein.  We are always looking for innovative methods and initiatives to achieve these goals.  Our list of reoccurring activities is growing.  Here are some of them:

*  We attend and speak at every CPS Board meeting about the destructive effects of teaching 10,000 children the military model of conflict resolution by violence.   See our Facebook sites - ChicagoVFP and DeMilitarizeCPS, our Twitter site DeMilitarizeCPS and our web site dedicated to to de-militarization

*  We join with other groups to speak out for nonviolence in our homes, streets, city, state and nation.

*  We hold Memorial Day and Armistice (Veteran's) Day ceremonies where we speak out about the travesty of using violence as a conflict resolution method.

* We assist in the annual Homeless Vets Stand-down by staffing the kitchen in the National Armory where it is held. The Stand-down provides fresh meals to homeless vets and also links them up with services, such as medical screening and eyeglasses and more read more!

* We speak at schools, churches and other venues about our mission to “serve the cause of world peace” by ending violence in all forms.  Also consider us for special days like Martin Luther King’s birthday, International Peace Day, Earth Day (the military is the world's most environmentally destructive organization), Mother’s Day (founded as a peace day), May Day, or any day that has meaning for your group. 

We also send delegates to the VFP National Convention (typically every August. Go to Veterans for Peace, National for information), and other national demonstrations.

MONTHLY Chapter Meetings: 
Typically the second or third Sunday of the month at 6:30 PM. 
Contact us for the date of the next meeting or check out our calendar.